Converting part of a svn repository to git

In moving my projects over to git, I stumbled across a troublesome issue. In one of my projects existed a folder along side trunk, tags and branches that had stuff I needed to be converted. However I wanted to convert these as individual git repositories.

So, after reading “git –help svn clone” and finding nothing to help me with this issue, I headed to the search engines. It took some time between search engines and asking some friends. As a note, Git 1.7 has sparse abilities, however I never got that far to try it out. I found out that git 1.6.4 included a new parameter which does the job just nicely.

I stumbled across this on the Tech Debug blog.

So in the end the following command is an example of what I did, with real data omitted.

This did the job exactly as I needed it to. It converted just the folder in the repository without so much of a complaint. Now that I review the git man page for svn, I do see I missed it.

When tracking multiple directories (using –stdlayout, –branches, or –tags options), git svn will attempt to connect to the
root (or highest allowed level) of the Subversion repository. This default allows better tracking of history if entire projects
are moved within a repository, but may cause issues on repositories where read access restrictions are in place. Passing
–no-minimize-url will allow git svn to accept URLs as-is without attempting to connect to a higher level directory. This option
is off by default when only one URL/branch is tracked (it would do little good).

Auto updating git repositories

I have my git repos cloned on my site. In order to keep my git viewer up to date, I need those clones to continue to be up to date.

Thankfully, there is a simple way to do this. git does have a –git-dir=/path, However this does not appear to work. You still need to change into the working directory in order to pull the updates. So after some work, I came up with this:

I simply add this as a cron tab, using > /dev/null to eat the output. However if an error occurs, I should receive a email with what exactly went on.

Postfix with ubuntu 11.10

In addition to my Dovecot issues, postfix as well had failed and I wasn’t able to send emails. However, getting them was more important at that point.

After some trials, I found I needed to add this to my
smtpd_sasl_type = dovecot
smtpd_sasl_path = private/auth

Which has resolved postfix from not working. Hopefully I fixed all my issues since my upgrade.

Dovecot with ubuntu 11.10

Just recently updated my vps to ubuntu 11.10, this went mostly smooth. However, I had some issues with dovecot. I could not get it to start.

It seems that the configuration guide I followed to setup dovecot broke due to outdated settings. However thanks to a wiki guide from dovecot, I was able to convert my configuration file:

However, dovecot refused to work properly. After much searching and much issues, I finally figured out that I had to install a new package, dovecot-mysql in order to get this to work. After which, a restart of the saslauthd service brought everything back into working order, at least for dovecot